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Back in May/June of 2021, we offered a Tetractys Poem Prompt Challenge for writers on ILA Facebook Group and the following poets and their beautiful entries were chosen to be published on our blog. Tetractys is a poetic form consisting of 5 Lines of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 syllables (with a total of 20). It can be written with more than one verse in (Double Tetractys or Triple Tetractys), following suit with an inverted syllable count, or, it can be reversed and written in 10, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Normal grammar rules apply, e.g., punctuation, etc., with no spaces between each stanza and the poem is usually written in line with left-handed margin (yet, it also can be centered), either way, it should somewhat visually form the design of a triangle.


Paint my life with verses of your poem with passion that rhymes my deep emotion. © Concepcion Macuto 2021


Storyteller of My Life (A Triple Tetractys Poem) I Become Conscious of Multi-chaptered I, Dex, myself is the storyteller I Can trace Paradox Contradicting Versions of myself of which I create I Can see Myself as A creator Of my experience, of my own life's plot. © Dex Amoroso 2021


Life Is a Precious gift A one life chance Cherish every breath bestowed upon man To be treasured for a greater purpose Meaningful life Oh, I seek! To have One God Alone Knows when ends This life I hold For tomorrow is never a promise What we will become is our gift to Him Oh, walk wisely! Be grateful Always Too Live As if My last day 'Cause tomorrow May not come, am I ready anytime? If this life may end, do I keep the faith? Closer with God Everyday Til the End Live Worthy Life's so short Temporary But He promises everlasting life... And I believe, because He loves us so When called me home Eternal No more Tears © Lyn B. Pastrana 2021


Trust Futile Once shattered Takes time to build But can disappear in a few minutes It is that foundation of any bond For without it It's useless To stay True Faith In us We cherish Makes life complete As there's nothing more rewarding than this. It is often a give and take process Where credence rules, Firm belief And love Thrive Truth Inspires Sets us free In this harsh world Consumed by lies, indifference and pride Everything feels right if we have with us A trustworthy Gentle soul Always Pure © Sugar Zedna

WARS Bloodshed Oppression When will this end? How can we live in harmony and peace? Peace will always be an illusive quest Wars will not cease Till we see No one Wins And Both sides Are losers Both will suffer Tragic deaths and damaged to properties Hopes crumbled and dreams turned into ashes Time to wake up Don't waste time End wars Now © Lyn Ramos V. Alfonso

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