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What I am in reality! Humans on that Sun - orbiting grain in space and time Keep hammering their hearts and brains To know, to feel and to get the throb of My being! What I am in reality! That is The question of questions that haunts Myself as much as it does the humans.


This far I know I am 'nothing' in the sense That I am not 'a particular thing', nor am I Confined to the free play of electrons that Underlie all thinking objects for my humans Electrons are but minute droplets that come Out with my sneezing that accompanies my Hiccups and they're everywhere one and same I myself wonder how they bundle to make one Thing different from the other when summed.


Nor even am I captivated by the shrines and Temples that are loud of songs and prayers At all hours of day and night. Nor even I am God's first light that emits from my hiccup That they say "the Big Bang." In timeless 'Beyond' of my being, I release how many Hiccups I have not counted, and each of Them conjures up a universe to exist for An ephemeral instant, scaffolded on my framed-up space and time to put up stage plays to wrap up for the next succeeding moment, to give way to my next hiccup that I do often in my self-same weary, utter solitude.

© Jay Basu


VOICES OF THE VOID: SOLILOQUY II Then what I am! In the essence Of my being what I am! That is The question of questions that Niggles me for ever and snaps My long, long spell of slumber!


The moment I do "will" once ever to Reveal myself, I see that I am verily bubbling from my timeless stillness From my boundless stretch of infinity! Into forms finite from my formless entity! My eternal slumber is awakened At once my revelation shapes up In the cosmoses spinning from Within myself, dancing down all The dimensions that there can be.


Questions galore come crowding me: Am I the sand grains baked by the sun Am I the blazing supernova and stars Am I the sky and waters and the wind Am I the songs and dances of life dogged By the shadowy death to stalk life to take it To a moment's rest in graves under willows Weeping and keening with aspens' chorus


I am verily such as all these that make man Love and live and die and a rest awhile after A return to the shorelines of the sea that man Braves...braving crested waves to live and die. The instant I reveal I see I'm both life and death And rebirth in another form somewhere in time.

© Jay Basu


VOICES OF THE VOID: SOLILOQUY IN THE MODE OF INTERNAL COLLOQUY - III [CONCLUSIVE] Do not say you are the infinitesimally small part Of the infinitely big whole. Do not say that I fail, However I try, to encompass you, O, the Void as You are the whole; how can I, a mere part know Your big whole in its entirety? From your tiniest to the longest stretch, how can this puniest of Parts can know the Whole of You, O, the Void! Oh, the Beginningless! O, the Endless! O, My God Of Time and Timelessness, of the Fair and the Foul! Uncircumscribed by heavens and hells!


What your logic says do not hear it and think it over, as more often than not your logic and law of the court as well turn falsifications of truth. Your logic says: when the part is taken away The whole is minus that of the "taken-off part"! Hear me then! I'm neither the "whole" nor am I The "part". I am both, beyond the finites of your Whole and Part. None is indeed part of me to Be severed and snatched away from my being. Idols or the legion of fiends and fallen angels are all equally the holograms of my Infinity of Manifestations. I dwell across the angelic and the devilish, the divine and the hellish. No! None of your parameters of 'fair and foul' fall outside my scope as I am in my abodes in all, in the darkest dark of me is seeded the lamp that glows from within and hold up to you this Pageant of Paradise and Nether world! My spasm swings between the two: if you worship Me, you worship yourself too, as you are one of my inseparable reflections on the scaffolding of finites and manifold manifestations indwelt by me across all binaries and opposites galore. Whichever way you worship, it comes to me! Amen! Amen! Amen!

© Jay Basu

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