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Written by Henry Farrell

With lessening ray...the day reads- Past the succeeds, Of an unfriendly communing clime; And be the purest passion, aloft! Sublime. Need I mention rain? O' the disdain- In descend the bring Of pregnant clouds: And be the falling Somewhat intense! Its infant sprinkle surpassed- As more leaden the gush; o' oxygen-gassed As known each divine day; With the irksome display! 'Tis to believe! the heavenly attain Of the summer's winsome gain- As with the gathered storm, no rainbow; As sadden the sky...with a dim glow--- As not my consume! The day's radiant gleam- Most expedient of a joyful dream. However! Shield aloft! The vapory of warm deluge...may still lie--- Thusly! with lust my vision! I shall look keenly...there, the sky © 09/2021

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