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Room With A View

Imagine stepping into a room that takes your breath away, especially if it's a window, terrace, in the confines of your home or in another place. Whether it's rustic, bucolic charm, a city street, a heartfelt poignant view of struggle or landscapes that stretch out in front of you, lush greenery blanketing rolling hills or sunrise/sunsets and. cosmic views, from the 18 wonderful entries ILA Magazine received, we chose 7 BEST ENTRIES in our September 5 - 8th "ROOM WITH A VIEW" (WOW - Word of the Week) Prompt Challenge who truly captured the concept of our theme. Although we could not publish all entries, we wholeheartedly thanked the participants for engaging our prompt.



Standing here on this sun-kissed balcony, I take it all in, The warm rays of the sunset on my skin. The vineyard stretches out like a golden sea, And the fragrant breeze imparts its mysteries to me. The aroma of fresh-baked cake, a strawberry kiss so sweet, A goldfinch resting gracefully atop a hill, a sight hard to beat. Ancient walls and a cathedral bathed in light, In this timeless moment, everything feels perfect and right. Though the world seems to pause, my heart wide agape, And the view before me, from the sunset's castle, takes shape. No need to mull or question because it's just pure delight, As peace and wonder cuddles me tonight. With my worries of tomorrow pushed far away, Oh in this fugacious whim, my soul comes out to play. © PINA S. IMCHEN



"GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE!" Waking up from my peaceful slumber, I'm greeted by the shining sun Like a fashion model in the spotlight The moment I joyfully go into the balcony. Helios had to invite the red fairies To join me on stage to satisfy their whim. Dressed in comfortable green clothes, The Titan stands tall in front of everyone Reminding us that we have to get to the highest peak To reach the Kingdom of the Light. With my mouth agape, I admire the view While being watched by nature's pillars. The fresh fir scent appeases the soul Of any busy worried tired city dweller. With an optimistic view of life, I'm ready to start a new day. © GHEORGHE LAURA


Below, photograph taken by Poetess Gheorghe Laura August 27, 2023


"ECHOES OF THE COSMOS" Whence I set out upon that balcony, A realm unknown unfurls before my eyes, And in a gasp, my breath is snatched away, As time rewinds, and magic shall arise. Agape, my mouth hangs open, wide and still, For what I see no mortal words suffice, A cosmic dance of stars in brightest thrill, As constellations mull destiny's dice. Beneath a shroud of twilight's velvet veil, I glimpse a land where dreams and wonders blend, Where whims appease, where fantasies set sail, In amorous skies, a realm eternal, pend. The moon, a silver orb, like opal's light, Casts shimmering hues upon a world unknown, While nebulas of vibrant colors bright, Paint golden dreams upon a spectral zone. A tapestry of everlasting trance, Of galaxies and worlds yet unseen, Transcendent beauty, infinite expanse, Draws me into a celestial sheen. A thousand worlds as one before my gaze, Each birthing tales of heroes yet unsung, Where gods and creatures whirl in cosmic maze, In vistas where imagination's hung. Oh, perfect moment, thou art breathless grace, Transporting me to realms that cease to be, In this celestial dance, my soul's embrace, Immersed in realms, my human self set free. Agape, I stand upon this balcony, And whisper 'cross a cosmos undefiled, Where wonders roam, where grace and dream appease, Where beauty lies, in every whispered wild. © CONCETTA PIPIA USA



On a whim, I spent a day At our terrace sitting quietly Watching the sunrise break, unfold Tint gray sky azure, then to gold As yonder on the grassy field The sun kissed flowers stir awake Leafy boughs swaying in the breeze Colorful butterflies then race To be the blooms' very first kiss The day is filled with subtle bliss And as the sun bids the sky adieu I gazed agape at the enchanting view The clouds dyed in myriad shades Pink, purple, orange, gold and red While perched in nearby trees robins flit Seeming to mull if the place is safe A niche to cuddle with their mates I spent the night in a tete-a-tete With the moon and stars till dawn breaks Closing my eyes, my weariness appease Enjoyed a day of restful sleep Overmorrow, here I'll again sit. © MYR REYES E. TEJADA Philippines


"A VIEW FROM MY TERRACE" A view from the inside delighted my eyes Bedecked with crimson flowers, splintered with snow-white clouds An eternity of azure backdrop serenely lies Where angels seem to frolic in their exuberant flights Summer in full throttle has finally come to us Like an air valve constricting the cold winds' blast The hills and plains turn out to be like steaming mass Even the sparrows swooped down away from the sweltering flash Old trees shed down their yellowing leaves What's left of them are gnarled branches and twigs Like outstretched arms they seemed to beg For mercy and rain, to quench and appease their thirst But summer is a season of gaiety, whines, and fun A time to set aside all chores and be beach-bound Friends and lovers reunite, no matter how far they are For now that summer's here, the rains may not be far behind.

© GUS PEREZ AMIO Philippines

Below, photography taken by Poet/Photographer, Gus Perez Amio



Lying listless, sullen and sad Mad whims surging in the head About a truant held dearest Overwhelmed and distraught Over mulling what the overmorrow Brings about love In the pensive fit of melancholy Out he darts of the gloomier room In the balcony faintly lit By the light of stellar enchantment To somewhat appease The rigid heaviness mounting Over and over the dismal heart It was the full moon night As I raised my glance At the haloed bewitchment Lo and behold, ah! See The very woman in my heart Glistened in the radiant sheen. Wonder struck and agape, bewildered The eyes forgot their blink And the rapt visionary Lost to the world Stood adoring fervently for the night. © SAFDAR BHATTI Pakistan


"ROOM WITH A VIEW" Much taxed heart in low voice sighed but And over the wings the unaddressed yearning Took me to the Zabarwan house, so calm What appeasing silence greeted the dim eyes When on the line of apple, nightingale I found In a jiffy, the whim of this settled heart Raised its wish to be a part of party Right then, on the mount top from the balcony A snow capped top winked at me The pulse paused my pace and like a madman I stood agape, for the nightingale stirred Just then a blush of breeze Passed down my spine When in the lawn I found my beloved, too.


Jammu/Kashmir, India.


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