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Quotes of Expression

"Found, childhood sweethearts carved on a century old tree. Where are they now? Did their friendship blossom or were they separated by uncertainties?" © Aida G. Rogue


"Let the cruelty get out of mind. Let the revolution blow like the wind." © Diya Sinha


"Peace, no booking required, just own it with no distortion - to create memories that you will remember in perpetuity!"

© Ernesto Santiago


"We are just passenger who want to take a ticket across the globe to spread words, yet, we are just one small dot in the sky."

© Maid Čorbić


"Reading and meditation on the word of God first thing in the morning refreshes the heart, mind and soul to start a day, happy and beautiful." © Cherrie Facun Dancel


"Heart is not a basket for keeping tension and sadness. It is a golden box for keeping roses of happiness and sweet memories." © Rita Chugh

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