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Ah! That I'd but in dreams,

Sought thy visage for years and eons,

To heal good men from anguish'd moans,

And purge ill ones in thy pious streams.

Ireful blares; I'd learned from ages,

Can ne'er appease a noble mind,

And all that's gory, bleak and blind,

Heave entombed as bygone pages.

Greatest wonders e'er so made,

Art but fruits of a placid soul.

Battles ne'er can sate a goal,

And offer jubilant roads to tread.

I've seen 'em fight for lands and brooks,

Perhaps a baffled quest to win.

I've seen 'em frown and ne'er grin;

And prance in pride as triumphant dukes.

Antagonistic storms they face,

Yet ne'er for peace they yearn,

Civilisations decay and burn,

And a day turn into a departed race.

© Dipanjan Bhattacharjee


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