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Poetry of Nguyen Thanh Hai


The calendar accidentally isn't just me December blows away thin days The wind whispers to the river many dreams and plans Looking back at the people who left the boat in the afternoon Wish to turn into a cauldron of adventure When you want to go home, you can fly back here In the afternoon, the sun is sad and sad Whose kitchen smoke waved Mr. Apple back to heaven Missing home at the end of the year...Mr. Tao returned to his hometown I'm in debt this year and next year... In the afternoon, the north wind crept through the door Everywhere you look, it's like home I know now that my motherland loves me

The old wick moved and blew the straw around to his mother's side Mom misses me when I was a kid New Year's poor hometown loves new clothes mom sews Another thin calendar falling out of hand Take it slow the day goes slwoly Wind wave! Pay people sloppy let me go back...bow my head and kiss my mother's hair in the spring afternoon...


Sunset closes in the afternoon a rainbow Where is the sun coming back but the sky is beating

Green sad field Hoarsely listen to the wind and the separate song... The rain pours into the space a cool watercolor Can beat sadness Clouds don't want to trouble clothes Want to sleep naked next to the birds I suddenly realized I was old The guy last spring was also old Sometimes I want my own prayer Sunset/clouds/sunshine allies But the wharf is tight, but the heart of the sunset is too wide So the clouds of time chase samsara After sunset, I also wandered the curved bridge It's raining and it's also dusty and cool only me and afternoon.

Back to the old sadness

Nguyễn Thanh Hai graduated from Pedagogical University, Faculty of Primary Education. Member of the Association of Literature and Arts of Tien Giang Province (Vietnam), and currently working at the Education and Training Department of Cai Be District, Tien Giang Province. He has received many domestic awards and certificates of merit such as: First Prize of the 6th Mekong Delta Poetry Contest n 2020; Second Prize and Consolation Prize of the V Mekong Delta Poetry Competition in 2013; Second Prize in Dong Nai Poetry Contest 2020; Third Prize of the Poetry and Pens Competition in Ben Tre Province (2019-2020); Third Prize of the Lucbat Poetry Contest "Thousand Years of Vietnamese Souls" co-organized by website Lucbat, in collaboration with NUUOI CAO NEWSPAPER and VIETNAM POETRY of CLUB in 2011; Third prize in the poetry contest to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the complete Liberation of the South and the 30th Anniversary of National Renewal organized by the Literature and Arts Association of TIEN GIANG PROVINCE. And many, more awards... Published poetry collection: "Bowing to Pick up the Waves" (2013); "Season with Open Arms to Forgive the Return" (2020); "Tears do not lighten the Twilight Sky" (2020) Many works were printed in domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines such as Poetry Translated into English, Serbian, Uzebekistan, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Karakalpakstan, have been introduced and read by readers in various publications and foreign documents such as Association of World Writers (AWW); Pakistan's Sindh Courier Literary Review; Serbian website, Pokazivac; Anthology of English Poets Volume I, published by Coach Bahar Magazine Coach Bahar City, India; Turkish Literature Magazine; British Magazine, The Poet; Russian Demo God website; Literary Magazine, Nodirabegim of Uzbek; Poetry and Literature World Vision page of Bangladesh; Nepal's Offline Thinker Publisher and Stream from Mexican Radio (UMRO)

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