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Poetry of Mandour Saleh Hikel

February 2021

Escape...To Eternal Void


in my solitude

And terrible eternal void Reeling randomly... Between waves of expansion... And contradiction Leaving my dismembered body Shaking in my wings Shackling my poems... In a gloomy silence Streaming flows of chill Into my feelings... My thoughts Balking my pen... In a suspicious breakdown As if to collude With my solitude And that eternal void God What can I do When feeling lost In the labyrinth of The monotonous rhythm of boredom... What weird time Where we live like stupid machines Or... As walking-dead We carry names Or numbers Or hold Large fat titles But the But... Forever we remain UNIDENTIFIED.

© Mandour Saleh Hikel


ENGRAVING ON WALLS OF SILENCE Engraving on walls of silence Echoed with war drums Dressed in the blood of oldsters, Bereaved mothers and children While stench of death is kissing children's laughter And innocent children buried under the wall of shame. Shame of politicians...shame of trafficking With idiotic words and sick verses. Engraving on walls of silence...silence of grave Silence of Women and children's hearts Night and day...praying to die While still it inevitable? There is no escape Except for...escaping from death to death Death by war killing machines Death by stings of forgotten refuges Death in the depth of dark oceans and seas Or To lay down Embraced by the darkness of a grave Grave of silence... SILENCE OF THE GRAVE © Mandour Saleh Hikel

Poet, Mandour Saleh Hikel hails from Egypt. He started as a lyrics writer, in the early 80's, for Egyptian rock band, No! (1982-1984). Later, he stopped for quite some time, before resuming his writing in 1999, until now. He gives his highest priority to Anti-war, Anti-violence poems that are always evocative and moving, and with great messages. He published two books and is now working on a third, released in 2021.

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