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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

REMEMBERING LOSS Just crows, sparrows kneeled under wings while the lambs hurried from pens to stray, even they shine more when drenched the rains made me remember my winged heart. Panting, when I was out of breaths, I learnt love too late was that, then my tongue was bitter I can merely utter hate and pain, how can I love now my verses sing torn Romeos and lost Juliets. At night, I shrunk into lost corners in outskirts lonely reckoning the trampled lovers of world then passionately, I let snails to host my love but my stone heart widened fast like plagues. © BURHAN


I OWE AGONIES The rain I drenched yesterday sighs that made air to blow. . . Yesterday I left them yesterday sighed calm yesterday earth was dry. . . Now the Mastaan cries the drunkard longs the wines of death. . . © BURHAN Read more of Burhan's poetry on his Facebook page at:

Peerzada Burhan, a 21-year old writer hails from the beautiful valley of Kashmir. From school, the poet has a great love for literature and books, which gradually embossed in him. He writes both poetry as well as fiction. Several poems and short stories of this author are published in renowned anthologies and magazines. Peerzada Burhan is inspired by several writers especially Rumi, Jaun Elia, Agha Shahid Ali and Faiz Ahmad Faiz. This gentle poet inks everything he feels inside and tries to portray the unheard secrets.

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