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Poetry of Anila Talib

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Flowers of Love All people in this world want to find peace But all those that receive Who in giving comfort To the restless Which gives relief To the bereaved In any position

Doesn't make sense. Everyone will fall Only to remain The flower of love Which will happen in any heart Never that heart And he will never be restless Coming to be a flower of love In the land of the universe. © Anila Talib


A Message of Peace

I want to spread the message of peace In this whole world. We all want peace Let's be a song of peace. Throw away the sorrow to hate Cover the cloak of love and become companions of love and flowers like that give fragrance to everyone. Life is too short Fill it with color and each other's tears. Clean up and stick together. © Anila Talib


Bio: *Anila Talib* was born on December 14, 2002 in Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. She is a multi-international award winning and youngest Pakistani writer, poet, activist and humanist. She sets a world record by writing ninety-nine poems about Asma ul Husna and keeping track of the meanings of each name of Allah, and putting the name in the International Book of Achievements as well as many other record books. She is the founder and director of Anila Talib Foundation, where she does social work and takes action to empower young girls, where so far, more than 5,000 girls have

received free education in the Holy Quran. Anila is the author of seven books: Chu Loo Asman, Mayyat Zameer Ki, Ishaq Zada, Roshan Sitarey, Dua Taqdeer Badal Daite Hai, Reem, and Ishaq Zara. She is also the co-author of four anthologies alongside another International author.

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