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POEMS by Parth Aasim Shaaz

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

DARK SMILES Nights of the dark smiles, Like songs of owls, Adored person cries and A girl, who looked for grief With heart in cold-blooded pain What matters? Who cares? Her breath, she shared and shares! In the ways of my heart In the lands beyond my eyes Was there forever and ever A girl who used to stay there Whom I loved eternally. © Parth Aasim Shaaz


Proof of Thy Existence Reading a couple of stories remembered me thy presence in my heart as you still lie there, I ran towards every mirage of thy aura. Last night I lost myself in moon your heart, your lips, your eyes is where the magic lies then I deeply gazed in your heart where often my existence dies. . . © Parth Aasim Shaaz

Parth Aasim Shaaz is a 22-year old writer who belongs to the ancient city, Junagadh. He writes poetry in several languages. He also an artist who paints in the love of colors. Parth Aasim Shaaz is energized by several writers or poets, chiefly Jaun Elia, Ameer Imaam, Rumi, Mirza Ghalib and Rabindranath Tagore. Since school, the poet has had a great fondness for literature, books and languages. This masterful poet inks paintings of everything he feels and illustrates the screams of his core.

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