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Poem by Bur Han

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

February 2021

SAME BREATHS Oh day! I'm tired of you Same the sunrise from hills And boil wounds to highs Where you rest at night I will change that nation. A year is just a day The blood lacks vitality Else, the ears are bored And eyes fell down daily. Songs, I listen many Several lines I remember With same melody I murmur Cause the felling of words. By my side, death laughs "Million streets I changed Billions are my homes I lament, I serve Still, I'm a knight." Ordeal, hate or love, what? I'm lost in heart's pother. Mutely moon appears always Never brings tidings along How the day will converse At least I can slumber long.

Time's soul is busy in ruining My soul revolves around!!! © Bur Han

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