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Oodles of Poetry

Featuring the work of Mr. Steve Lyman, ILA Magazine's contributing editor.


Captain Badass

There's death in store,

Finally silence that song

Need to kill that mockingbird, That's seduced me for so long...

Why!! Should I accept this??

I simply need to survive,

Only one of us will stay alive...

Because of this desire,

To finally break free...

Show the burning fire,

That's bestowed within me...

How!! Will I do it??

Let's drown the mockingbird,

I will do it here at sea

This Badass Captain,

Is gonna do the deed,

And then all will see

This is my Ship, My Space,

I am the leader in this Place,

This Ship belongs to me...

Who am I??

You may ask of me

Captain Badass,

The master of the sea...

I've been trapped,

I've been seduced,

By the mockingbird's song

But now I have killed it,

And I've come back strong

Without any more seduction,

Nothing else will go wrong

And now, yes now!!

You will all finally see

This is my Ship,

This is my Voyage

I am Captain Badass,

Master of all in front of Me

My ship is still afloat,

As all you shipmates can see

Death to the mockingbird,

That tried to rule seductively

You're food for the shark,

At the bottom of the sea...

I am Captain Badass,

You take your orders from me...

Captain Badass,

The master of every sea...

© Steve A. Lyman


This is a take on a well known song by Frank Sinatra, 'My Way', only in a more satirical version...

"Your Way to My Way"

And now, the end is near, I've finished my rehabilitation.

The reason, I was put here, constant abuse, of my medication.

I've been through detox now, the counseling, is improving my day

And the courts, leave me alone,

If I do it, Your Way...

Regrets, Oh I've had a few, and alcohol, didn't make it easier.

Sometimes, I didn't have a clue, what happened next, Total Amnesia.

I got myself messed up, totally pissed, for most of the day.

So the courts, they ordered me, to do it Their Way...

Now there were times, I didn't agree.

When sent somewhere, I didn't want to be.

And through it all, I would scream and shout.

Have a hissy fit, spit my dummy out.

But no more the fool, now I stand tall.

Cos I did it, Your Way...

Yes, I stand tall, and I've done it all

Proud to now live, My Way...

Yes, I stand tall, cos I've done it all...

I'm proud to live, My Way...

© Steve A. Lyman


"Hurting Deep Inside" Hurting deep inside, I'm feeling haunted by the past.

All the history I have made, will become something ahead of me.

Carrying me back to where I have been before, my memories carry no mystery.

Painfully I will relive them again, is this how it's meant to be.

They say the future is not ours to see, but believe me it is.

Sometimes it's looking back at the past that is in your mind.

Yeah, there were many a good time spent, many beautiful

pictures in view, but it's not always that simple.

When life has dealt you so much shit, why would you want to

face it all again.

It hurt you so much the first time around, don't you think that

was traumatic enough.

Ever since I have tried to pull away, move onwards to pastures

new. But this doesn't happen now, not like it should, anyway.

I've reached this pivotal point in my life, the point where I can

no longer control it. My brain has taken control,

it now decides where I go, what lies ahead of me.

This may sound like I'm giving up, and you will say...

Love, Care, or Inspiration will guide me away from this.

That's what I thought until now, until I realized I have to accept

what I am dealt.

You see, once again I have more brain issues, need more surgery.

Yes, they can remove the tumor, and the shunt will keep things at bay.

But realistically, the speed of Alzheimer's taking hold of me,

well, that cannot be reversed. So backwards to my past is something that

lies ahead of me. You could say the future ahead, I guess I already see.

And that is what will definitely be, the hurting deep inside of me...

© Steve A. Lyman



Every look and I was full of desire

When you smile my heart is on fire

Whenever you spoke I did believe

But every smile and word - was just deceive

Someone else would soon work it out

Another man would just scream and shout

But I just calmly figured it out

And now I no longer hang about

Nor will I hope for what was before

No man could ever give you more

Let not this last chat be in vain

Pack up and go never deceive me again

All thoughts keep going through my mind

Perhaps someday a new love I'll find

But until I reach that perfect day

No one will ever deceive me this way...

© Steve A. Lyman


"Destiny Arrives..."

That first look and I was taken in

When we talked I felt something within

Before long, it was obvious we should be together

Have met the one I've been looking for

Has fate just arrived at my heart's door

I wasn't expecting this today

But I feel a connection in some sort of way

I asked if we could meet up again sometime

All the days that passed in-between

I dreamt that you were gonna be mine

Has fate finally come to me

Is this something that is my destiny

A picture of the future is clear and visionary

When I close my eyes it's your beauty I see

Longing for your tender touch

Something I have missed for so long

Those butterflies inside me flutter

This must be love I feel it so strong

For I only felt this from you, alone

I count the hours that I am at home

Praying that you feel the same way too

I get prepared to meet up again with you

If this is not my future destiny

Then you will not be there and it's not meant to be

But as I walk into the coffee bar My heart skipped a beat as there you are

This vision of beauty I once again see

You have turned up so this must be

The arrival of what is my destiny...

© Steve A. Lyman


"The Vision of Harmony"

I am mesmerized by the world of today

Media showing disasters and war everyday

The beauty of the earth is going astray

As the greed of mankind is taking it away

It's time to take care of what we have been given

The nature of our planet was made for living

The beginning to look a horrid state

We must stop this destruction for everyone's sake

Who knows how long we have left

But the time we do have we must do our best

Try and live together in harmony

Build a better generation through Unity

It's a future for our children we must visually see

That's the only way to save humanity

Let's negotiate around the tables, not fight

Tell the politicians it's our desire to get it right

No more rockets and bombs throughout the night

Just rebuilding together for a future that's bright

Can we honestly stare at someone in the eye

And feel nothing except you're going to die

What type of world do you want to see

For me, it's the beauty of love and harmony...

© Steve A. Lyman


"One More Thing Today"

That was a pretty good day - as far as days go

But of course - as days go - it just went

Gone - Never to be seen again - never to return

As is the transient nature of all experience

What achievement has come from today

It makes me think - Causes me to dwell

Have I done enough - Made a difference in any way

Well I did ring a friend - that's something

But probably - I should have done it long before now

I helped that old lady pack her shopping - Something I should

do without a second thought

I wonder - Is there anything else I could have done

perhaps - I should have said 'good evening' -

to that person just passing by

It wouldn't have hurt - to just give a smile

Capture their eyes - Just to acknowledge they are there

After all - They may be having similar thoughts

But - Does it even matter if they don't

In today's society - We just don't make the time - Too busy

rushing around

No time for pleasantries - Not today

So yes - I could have done more

Absolutely - without a doubt

But of course - I still have a little time left today

I know - I will pray for all those people

The ones - I have totally ignored today -

Yes - I can still do something else - In my small way

© Steve A. Lyman


"Words Don't Always Come Easy..."

Words don't always come easy, although they are constant

in the mind.

It's just a case of realization, maybe in rhythm or rhyme.

Bleeding our ink strategically, unifying themes in a line.

The brain makes its interaction, of where they should be aligned.

The outcome could come out perfectly, we get it right first time.

But more than not, it needs editing, that's normally what I find.

Because words don't always come easy, from the start to the bottom line.

© Steve A. Lyman


"Face Exposure of Unity..."

With a mind clearly clouded by the sky

A face like the rock mountains high

Cheeks like the sandy desert so dry

A chin chiseled carefully feeding the supply

But there are two visions upon this face

The other angle is as beautiful as a terrace

Those rosebud lips hold a voluptuous space

A prominent nose perfectly in its place

Take notice to the artistic mystery

Believing it's your choice to be free

Mountains or clouds won't stop visionary

When all joined together blended in Unity...

© Steve A. Lyman


"Easy on the Workout"

Slow me down,

My mind is ticking,

Adrenaline pumping,

Blood pressure high,

Heart is thumping,

Thoughts keep jumping,

Slow it down...

Take a break,


Got to be taken,

This motivation,

If I'm not mistaken,

Causing dehydration,

In this situation,

Take a break...

Start again,

Slow building,


Body shifting,

Muscle burning,

Calories going,

Face glowing,

Timer showing,

I am slowing,

But keep going,

Reach the top,

A personal best,

Time to stop...

Time to rest,

Passed my test.

And now, relax,

Take a breath,

Time has come,

Nothing left,

Workout done...

© Steve A. Lyman


"Alone With Trauma"

When he walks alone,

Those moments of despair...

No one noticed him,

Did anyone even care

As he travels along,

Heading for nowhere

Mumbles to his self,

No conversation to share...

He doesn't harm anyone,

Doesn't beg, doesn't call...

Because nobody would listen,

They just think he's that fool

Who stumbles up steps

Leaning against every wall

In fact, he is nothing in their eyes

A nobody, he means nothing at all...

But this is a young man,

who is caught up in himself

Life's dealt him a bad hand,

No money, no wealth...

Just left by the wayside,

Kicked off every shelf

And all because he is suffering,

From severe mental health...

They don't know his past,

Do they even care

They would if they knew him,

Fought with him out there...

If the moments of trauma,

They also had to share

Then perhaps they would like him

Have some kindness to spare...

But this a young man,

Who suffers trauma and despair

© Steve A. Lyman



Confidence is low

Nowhere to go

Life has no flow

Have lost my mojo

But I just carry on

Pushing myself along

When things go wrong

I must remain strong

It's just this situation

Stuck in stagnation

Require some motivation

Looking for inspiration

Yet life still remains

Pressure contains

Reel in the reigns

Look for the gains

© Steve A. Lyman


"Warriors Don't Hide"

Hurting is surely the most painful part

When you're nursing fragments of a broken heart

But just keep looking forward and don't fall apart

Lift yourself up and give the day a kickstart

You have a bright future there up ahead

So just try getting your sorry ass out of bed

So much to do and things to be said

Clear that dark space contained within your head

Help to make your day completely turnaround

Pick yourself up from that magnetic ground

Put on some loud music and dance around

Powerfully drown out all that negative sound

Then you can really start to enjoy your day

Just let your inner happiness come out to play

You'll feel a whole lot better if I might say

And your beautiful smile will come back to stay

I know it's easier said than done

And I know you're not in the mood for fun

But come alive and get things won

And then start connecting with everyone

Because you are a lot stronger than you think

You can override all these things that stink

You have people who love you right by your side

You're a warrior for sure and need never to hide...

© Steve A. Lyman


"The Beauty of a Rose"

From the moment I saw her,

Just a short distance away

She had captured me for certain

Right from that very day

Her vision within a picture frame,

I will never ever forget.

Through this blooming arch of roses,

Came forth, her shapely silhouette.

Oh so elegantly she glided,

As she walked slowly on by.

Flicking her long auburn hair,

Revealing eyes as blue as a cloudless sky.

Her rosebud lips turned into a smile

That flutter of her eyelashes

The warmth felt from her magical flow,

Turning all men into ashes

Except for me, as her magnetism

Set my heart on fire

She had already chosen me,

Having guessed my true desire

A servant I am for her every need,

There's nothing I would oppose,

As forever I have been captured,

By the Beauty of a Rose...

© Steve A. Lyman

Steve Lyman lives in the Kettering area of the UK. Brought up in Northampton, he was educated at a normal high school, where he left with various qualifications, but decided to join the Armed Forces, instead.

Writing and Poetry came about during the Covid Lockdown. Looking for something different, he decided he would join a Poetry group. It didn't take long to get hooked, and he helped create a group that played a big part in his life...with the mentorship of the group creator, he suddenly found himself doing creative writing as well as many different types of poetry...rhythm and rhyme, shaping and lines and before he knew it, he was creating many styles of poetry.

Now he has a couple of his own groups where he airs his vision of Unity, Equality and Happiness, one group that stands up for Action Against Abuse of any kind. He is also an admin for several other groups.

He has achieved lots of things during the past few years. He's been featured in 7 different anthologies, has written for a couple of magazines and also proud to be a compiler, and main author in "Seasons For All Nations", having mentored many of the co-authors.

Today, he continues to stand up for Unity, Humanity and Abuse of any nature...Being appointed the UK Ambassador for New Leaf, but his most recent appointment as an Editorial Contributor with ILA Magazine, has taken him to another level, and the support he has received during his recent sickness, has been an inspiration to continue his writing...This is just another Chapter in his life with many more to follow.

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