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On November 23rd, 2021, we held a Challenge for our Word of the Week (Noetic) and applied to Tricube Poetry. Five Best Entries were chosen to be published here, on ILA Blog. A Tricube is a mathematical poem invented by Phillip Larrea, an American Poet and syndicated columnist. Each line contains 3 syllables, each stanza consists of 3 lines and each poem consists of 3 stanzas. We gave the option to poets to rhyme if desired.


Head Over Heels Mysteries they make me noetic Poetry can make me euphoric It's your love that turns me ecstatic. © Don Luman-ag


"Words that Weigh Pounds" Words like "I" seem like sighs, losing sounds. Words like "you" seem like few things around. Words like "trick, Noetic": They weigh pounds. © Walid Boureghda


NOETIC Moon in sky Sail with me On my boat Trapped in love Sky lose moon Deep in thought. Noetic Quill finds sheave Caught in pain. © Anjana Prasad


Time is good remembrance Noetic Love faded people bad remember I am good when I have self again. © Amb Maid Čorbić


Synapses Creating Syntaxes Edginess Lies to me Sighs of grief Consumed plus Entombed by Gloom and doom © Wordsmith Alchemist Roman, a.k.a, Artist X (Justin Roman Cain)

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