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My Ultimate Dream: World Peace

Like a baby language - universal giggle The same smile and borderless communication If we can conceive a child-like innocent world again, won't it be nice to breakdown all our so-called human barriers, where we have been chained by many names, in the prison of own catharsis? If we can travel like birds over the sky once again, without any fear, in this world as a global citizen If we can reunite the world again, as a family, sharing our happiness and sorrows, I dream at that time, surely, we can celebrate the joy of world peace. How beautiful it would be all these different beliefs of instruments If we could play together to sing a song of humanity to one rhythm, coming out from all rigidities and dancing like breeze, mesmerized by peace music how beautiful it could be the world without all these facade fences, as children play adorably together in one family without any prejudice? © Rupsingh Bhandari

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