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"Light Needs Darkness To Shine"

The title above is a prompt we offered poets based on the title of AUTHOR MEHRAN HASHEMI'S recently published book, which he so kindly granted permission to use. ILA Magazine offered a twist to the prompt, challenging poets to not only pen a 2 versed poem (4-6 lines each), but to write in a Question and Answer theme, the first verse written as a Question, the second verse written in response to their poetic question. Out of the 31 entries, we chose two "Best Poems", both recipients received the author's book, which we sent via Amazon. Though initially I had mentioned choosing 5 more poems to be published, I ended up choosing 11 amazing poets and their work. Their willingness to share poetic thoughts and emotions truly blew me away from the depth and creativity with which was explored by grasping the concept of the challenge leaving me in awe, each poem woven together, both question and answer as they delved into the intricate relationship between light and darkness, was nothing short of breathtaking. Each piece transported our visions to a world where every line was a masterpiece and both stanzas a revelation. Truly the poets poured heart and soul into their work and reminding us all, of the power of words, which can also be found throughout MEHRAN HASHEMI'S BOOK. The two best entries will be published first and the eleven poets to follow.


"THE DANCE OF LIFHT AND DARKNESS" In the depths of night, where shadows grow tenebrous, Oh, what purpose does darkness serve, so mysterious? Is it solely a void, a canvas for stars to paint? Or does it conjure tales, a world of secrets, faint? Ah, but fear not, dear soul, for the answer lies in sight, Within the heart of twilight, a truth begins to glint. For light craves contrast, a stage where brilliance might, Illuminate the heavens, and our spirits uplift.



"THE JOURNEY OF DARK TO LIGHT" When there's light it needs a little bit of darkness Can we blend it to something in between like dimness? The tenebrous atmosphere gives a certain sharpness Setting the tone for a tranquil evening of stillness. The visibility of a glint of hope leads us to keep on going A balance positive feeling that is still growing Let the ambient mood begin in showing Lead to a journey of confidence of dark and light mix be glowing. © GLORIA MAGALLANES-LOEB SFO, USA (BEST ENTRY)


"LIGHT NEEDS DARKNESS TO SHINE" I heard a voice crying in the wilderness. Interrogating the secret of creation. Why should heaven marry hell? And why should light blend Darkness? Fire that darkens the cooking pot, brings laughter to the entire household. Moon journeys in the sunny day but flourishes in the tenebrous night. If sweat uncovers success, the poor always has a glint of hope. Wail not for light needs darkness to shine. © CHRISTOPHER ENNING GHANA


"THE DICHOTOMY" Was it 'The brighter the light, The darker the shadow'? Must we shine a brighter light, To cast a darker, tenebrous glow? The stars do glint in the void, Filling the abyss with shimmers of hope. For there was night in the void, There was day within our hopes. © PINA S. IMCHEN KOHIMA, INDIA


"UNTITLED" To what flow you label darkness? A pupil of an eye or moonless night In reality darkness is light and light is reflection of darkness In a tenebrous city, a lamp is a beggar that showers its splashes to one and all Nothing save latent gloom is brightened, crows and owls, all in bewilderment, perch on my sill Till a glint of hope summoned the shadows The moon behind the puffy veil winked at the lamp, It brightened a bit more, She smiled and enshrined in it, everything around rubbed their eyes So did the crow and the owl. I too, followed suit When crow and owl lost their feathers And slipped into a flood of light. © MUSHTAQUE B. BARQ SRINAGAR, JAMMU/KASHIMIR


THE WOMAN AND HER LIGHT My dear Man, how can I be your morning light in the Darkness? Amidst this tenebrous and dreary, wicked world called Wilderness, Where doubts settle into the twilight's tunnel of Dimness, And fears gloom along with your ardent desire for Calmness. I am Woman, praised in Eden's lovely Garden of Happiness. My name's Eve, a glint of Hope! Not Despair, Not Weariness, Dear Adam, I am your guiding star, revolving 'round the galaxies, Soul of your soul, your heart's prized joys and earnest wishes! © MARIA EVELYN QUILLA SOLETA PHILIPPINES


"LIGHTS AND SHADES" Should there always be a light? What if we lost our own sight? Isn't darkness worth the fight? Does it matter who is right? We walk tenebrous contrite Still fully awake even in the night. Light is the only thing we see Don't bother if darkness will stay Night signals the glint of the day As darkness to light can marry Contrast, totally opposite But absence of one makes the other incomplete. © FLOYD GALE CABUS PHILIPPINES


"A TENEBROUS GLINT OF SHADOW" Light within darkness, does it remain invisible? Or is there a glint of shadowing light? Will it remain shining within the glow? Or just turn out to be, a simple tenebrous sight?? A tenebrous shadow from this lonely tree, Reflective, by moonlight on the ground below. A beautiful flicker, by the clouds slowly passing, Giving a beautiful glint, for our eyes to bestow. © STEVE A. LYMAN UK


" WHEN LIGHT AND DARKNESS MERGE" Can the darkness display beauty? Can the light conceal secrets away? Will man survive without the dark? Do all Earthly creatures love the light? And could light and darkness merge? If so, then tell me how, when and where! In the inky darkness, music sounds sweetest Our foes could hide behind light's blinding blaze Tenebrous night gives us our much needed rest In the light, nocturnal creatures endure hunger and thirst And yes! light and darkness, they do merge At dawn and dusk, when glints of heaven emerge. © MRYTLE EVE



LIGHT ALONE If light is the master of the universe, Why did it need the darkness to shine? If a man tries to walk in the path of light, Why do they still stumble and fear in the dark? Is darkness really an ally for a light to glint? Or is this tenebrous force that needs light to be alive? The power that holds and controls this majestic light Has tremendous power, even in our tenebrous lives. Man chooses to be blind in broad daylight. But the glint of light sparks with all its might. Radiating and illuminated with justice and hope Letting the darkness bow down and vanish. © DOLO REZ PHILIPPINES


"THE GLINT OF TRUTH" O the greatest agony of incarceration I feel with ease That I look at a prison's wall as if it's a masterpiece The slow-rolling night of cleft longs for shore Amidst this abhorred pace nothing to adore Is there any way of escape? From the increasing tenebrous of this unjust phase See, the Glint of truth making its way in cracks depth Light dripping from the deck like droplets Soon the moment of emancipation will glow in eyes and hearts Let's go on, through the way is long in the wind's forecast This stain-covered night was compulsory to dawn skyline Since light always needs darkness to shine.




"LIGHT NEEDS DARKNESS TO SHINE" Lying alfresco in tenebrous night Nosy fancy takes transcendental flight Aloof towards heavenly realms above Fidgety heart overflowing with love Seeks for a haven in upper confines If that any soothing sparkle there shines? And behold! A glint of embalming light Gentler and full of a blissful delight Happen to distinguish my wistful eyes Whereat overjoyed heart mirthfully cries Seeing exorcised its rooted distress Brighter shines the light in deeper darkness. © SAFDAR BHATTI SARGODHA, PAKISTAN


"LIGHT NEEDS DARKNESS TO SHINE" The brightest lights need bring a spark a unique question from my imagination, dark? They stretch beyond the edges of the tenebrous creating such a beautiful melodic dawn chorus, Shine on me, rays of exhilarating life please allow me to soar and then take flight? Give me such speed, and that never-ending glint to light up my world with its own unique stint... Let the light flow and bring lasting peace a place of "freshness" and "care" that will ne'er cease. Dazzling leafy hues, and pastures verdant grow to create the world so beautiful and new. © GEOFF STOCKTON UK


EDITOR'S NOTE: I wholeheartedly thank Author Mehran Hashemi for his kindness he conveyed throughout the prompt and generous feedback he offered to the poets. It is truly appreciated. And soon, we will be featuring the author, because he truly deserves acknowledgement.

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