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Let's Talk About Quotes With...

"A good vision is essential to lead a mission. A good mission is essential to reach at ultimate destination."

© Mohammed Hamim (J. Kyaw Than Naing)


"Fear those surrounded by positivity and who are able minded, their power is beyond compare."

© Bint Zubair


"Heart is not a place to store trashes, it's a place for keeping good memories, if you have any trash in store, delete permanently and replace with good things. Keeping it stored will always break you down, take away your happiness and yourself from one negative thought to another, but when you completely let go, you will always find joy and peace of mind." © Haleematu Salisu


"Trust yourself. You can win any stage, by showing ray of heart with spiritual pride."

© Afrose Saad


"Make love until the last hope."

© Ernesto Santiago


"Sometimes, someone is kind to you. Sometimes, we too, are kind to others when we are offered with a chance to do so. It's a privilege part of our journey in life."

© Leah C. Dancel

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