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A collaborative spin by Carl Scharwath and Rosalyn Bernardo Pastrana.

As the music started to play You came and held my trembling cold hand Taking me to the dance floor and we danced In rhythm to every single heartbeat of mine It was getting faster and I felt faint with glee. As the music kept on playing

On the dance floor you held me tighter,

so breathtaking! I was lost inside your hand's magical touch

Hoping I was not only dreaming Dancing with you was my solo heart's wanting. As the music started to end its sweet embrace

So as your steps moved farther from me But I wanted not a release from your captivating charm While the music was only slowly fading away I was like a little child in silent tears wishing for more.

But when the music ceased from playing You led me away from the dance floor

Then your hand waved a simple goodbye Now my heartbeats getting slower in sad tempo But still hoping that was not our last dance. © Rosalyn Bernardo Pastrana

Image above, taken by Carl Scharwath

Rosalyn Bernardo Pastrana is from the Philippines. At an incredibly young age, she has started writing poems inspired by her late father who showed her the beauty of poetry. She loves writing songs, doing collaborations, along with joining anthology and poetry prompts. She has also a keen interest in photography and graphic design. Rosalyn has previously been published on another collaboration, most notably with same photographer, Carl Scharwath.

Carl Scharwath has appeared globally, with 150+ Journals selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, plays or art photography (his photography has been featured on the covers of 6 journals). Two poetry books, 'Journey to Become Forgotten' (Kind of Hurricane Press) and 'Abandoned' (ScarsTv), have been published. His first photography book was recently published by Praxis. Carl is an Art Editor for Minute Magazine, a competitive runner and a 2nd degree Black-Belt in Taekwondo.

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