O tenderness! You move in the space Of hearts trembling in bitter passion, Darting towards the madmen who are weary And who cry, miserable, on the earth. O voluptuousness! You hide on the horizon Your vain hopes, you waltz, as if dead Voicing your decision Which proclaims itself ungrateful. O! the sky takes you away! O candor! You turn your back on the dream Of ephemeral pleasures in this world Where hearts are torn apart, sad verve! Caress of the madmen in this immondo world! O Infinite! Write the universal Of those who weep at the rage of evil Moroseness of those and those Who fall into the immoral abyss! O bitterness! Drowned in the depths Of my being, playing morose rhythms In a symphony full of pain Turn your face away from my rosy arms! O coldness of time! Tear my heart apart And the seconds for a little peace Carry away for me the winds of fear Towards odysseys of sulphur without peace! © MYRIAM GHEZAÏL BEN BRAHIM

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