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Johnny Francis Wolf - Book Feature

Friday, June 9, 2023


Feature of Author Johnny Francis Wolf who has kindly granted ILA Magazine, permission to present his bio and synopsis of his two recently published books: "Men Unlike Others", Volume I, A - L and Volume II, M - Z, published by Wild Ink Publishing.


Johnny Francis Wolf is an Autist - yet, quite the gifted autist. He's an artist, designer, model, actor, writer and hustler. Homeless for the better part of these past 8 years, he surfs friends' couches, shares the offered bed, relies on the kindness of strangers - paying when can, doing what will, performing odd jobs. (Of late...a ranch hand, his favorite). He has journeyed from New York to LA, Taos and Santa Fe, Mojave Desert, Coast of North Carolina, points South and South East - and considers himself, blessed. Johnny loves animals and his affection is boundless. His current position was working on a hacienda in Florida as a laborer and horse whisperer, has recently come to its seasonal conclusion. As Johnny states, some of all this Bio is true - most of Wolf's tales as well. Those illusory are hung on stories told him by dear friends or his own brush with similar, if not exactly the same. Below, we have added a "Slider" Gallery of Johnny's books. If you want to see in full view, just a click on each image will do.

Book synopsis of Johnny's Volumes by Wild Ink Publishing, can also be read on the back covers of each book. There are NYC subway passengers sitting, almost swirling across from you. No rhyme or reason as to who is next to whom. Worthy subjects, apart or together, for Norman Rockwell's brush, Saul Bass's graphic hand or Johnny Francis Wolf's quill. A battered old, homeless man is given wide berth. Young gay couples share a giggle, scantily clad and on their way to a Pride event. Little boy on Mother's lap staring, charmed by his face. Blind man pets the dog asleep between familiar legs. Businessman, NY Times spread wide, is distracted by the shirtless lads laughing to his right. Ladyboy prostitute in daring dress and heels hangs dearly on a subway handgrip. Priest standing, facing door, eyes averted toward our hooker, wondering if the cleavage is real, ignores the beggar reaching out a hand for help. Way over to our left, a bearded man in red. Santa hat adorns his head. No one is on their device.


View more about Wild Ink Publishing below: Wild Ink Publishing on YouTube Wild Ink Publishing Podcast



View and read more about Johnny Francis Wolf at... Wild Ink Publishing MENUNLIKEOTHERS Men Unlike Others Promo Vid


Johnny has kindly granted ILA Magazine permission to post a poem from each of his volumes so I've picked out 2 favorites (though there are many more).


From Men Unlike Others, Volume 1, A - L: "caught on film"

Perilous, the stakes were high. Would not yield nor sanctify the status quo presented with.. the mark he'd earned, the man, the myth. Fedora's tilt was not, in fact, a part of who he was, unpacked. Was simply sloped for better fit.. when face to face, encountered 'it'. And sneer that gird his face with flout, which peered through blackened eyes, throughout. Not a show of force or spite.. but rather more a tender bite. ii Inviting he who feigned alone, who likewise knew his cover blown.. resist the urge to pivot, run. Wouldst sooner bid this one on one. And I who heard the sound of night, in alley dark with want of light.. didst flash my lens upon the pair who stood together, spooning there. Years of fleeting twists of fate, loathing self, for others, hate. Dyad turning, lips aflame.. cheeks on fire, me to blame.


From Men Unlike Others, Volume 2, M - Z: the man who said "God Bless" Agnostic, mostly, no set creed, and yet he loved the thought of Jesus - man who walked the Earth. In Him he was well taught. ii But hazard, as he might in life, foment a Pastor's wrath, made a point to nary bide - wouldst forge an open path. i Inly held - if once there was a someone far and wide, great and mighty, big and bold, by now was nullified. ii When roving 'bout, wary others proud to judge and spit - too often folks of fervent Faith - so many full of shit. i Still, he knew 'twas humble, good, to think outside oneself, and wondered how a whole damn World was made without some Elf - ii or something equal to such rune - a being overpriced. Remembering the lore he learned, a gentle lamb called Christ. i Began that day to wish "God Bless" son anyone who'd hear - who hearkened to a homeless man who paper-bagged his beer. ii Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, Zeus, Krishna Buddha, Thor - to a one wouldst smile down on he who had no more - i than cardboard box and upturned hat - conspired they didst plan to love a Son as if their own, and hold in heart this man. ii For all the Gods do heed the words "God Bless" as if to each, and never fight like converts here - will practice what they preach.


Editor's Note: I received Johnny's Second Volume of Men Unlike Others before the first, which just arrived shy of last week. I'm actually reading Volume 2, first, and will read Volume 1, while thus far, I've scanned through his first volume and have picked out favorites. Lots of emotions are felt when reading Johnny Francis Wolf's work - it is difficult to put down. His poetry is real and raw - the kind that pulls one in and loved most, deeply moving when emotions can be felt and heard from within heart and soul. Johnny truly has a special gift and a voice that expresses what some people might have difficulty in verbalizing, either in manifesting words or to enunciate and intimately reveal. Annette Nasser Founder/EIC ILA

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