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Jeffrey Cejero


The night is filled with pitiful cries. I could hear the requiem of crickets, Rubbing their percussions where notes are arrows, And where breeze chants their deepest sorrow. But I have this music of sunrise That after this requiem of the night, I could hear the singing of the birds Where the breeze gives its warmest love. The night is trapped in an abyss. I could see the stars losing their spark, Fading as if they were struggling to shine, Begging the heaven to extend their fire. But I have this spectrum of sunrise That after these stars lose their light, I would see the birth of the bright dawn Where the prism of life shines in radiance. The night shivers like winter A thousand needles are pricking my skin, Freezing my heart to hopelessness, As if I was thrown into the core of blizzards. But I have this soothing warmth of sunrise that after this winter of doom, Spring would sprout the leaves of hope And bloom the flowers of love and smiles. © Jeffrey Cejero

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