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Is there an ocean I would not swim for you?

Is there a diamond that is beautiful enough?

Or for that matter any other good stuff?

For each grievance I have I pledge more love to you

For each relapse we get I hold your heart closer to mine

For each lost moment your image burns more true

For each unfaithful thought I become more wholly thine

Is there a spot in heaven I would not reserve for you?

Is there a cloud in the skies I would not fly to for you?

Is there a heart that is as gracious as yours?

Or one that has opened up as many doors?

For each child you bear for me, my love grows stronger

For each time we make love, my heart becomes meeker

For each year we spend together, my soul grows younger

For each caress you give me, my barriers become weaker

Is there a part of me I would not gladly give for you?

Is there a mountaintop I would not climb for you?

Is it too much to ask of myself to love only you?

Can I love another as true as I have loved you?

©Roland E. Williams

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