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On November 30th, 2021, we held a Word of the Week (Herald) Challenge for Initial End Poetry. An Initial poem rhymes at the beginning of a line and an End poem rhymes at the end of the line. In this challenge, we combined both with the rhyme scheme of the first words in each line in a pattern of ABAB and end words of each line also with a rhyme scheme of ABAB. ILA had a total of eighteen entries and we chose three, the poems below:


Celebrate the sigh of winter

Sealed are the voices of Bard Liberate the half-broken phrases bitter Veiled sorrows enjoy strong chord. Share what the herald whispers Forlorn spirits love to sing Wear nay the cloak of measured meters Newborn but needs a flexible wing. © Mushtaque B. Barq


Only positive thought heralds happiness Love and peace and absolute joyance; Lonely thoughts lead to sheer distress Move the inner self to utter annoyance. © Safdar Bhatti


HEED Heed to the herald voice that enlightens from above Embrace the revelation of the truth it brings Freed from the bondage of sins by God's redeeming love Grace that saves and changes the human heart joyfully sings. Now that Christmastime is fast approaching Remembering the Savior's birth in our hearts; let not depart Bow down our knees in humble adoration and thanksgiving Caring and loving as He loves us, the real message that we should impart. © Lyn B. Pastrana

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