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INSECTS and Other Poems

Written by Bogdana Gageanu from Romania

People can treat you like insects And they smash you with no remorse Trying to make you feel small And insignificant for this world But let's not forget that the honey Is produced by insects called bees. It does not matter the size Is what you do that matters. © Bogdana Gageanu


Mistakes Some people want to learn from mistakes And some people don't That is why they don't pass the life's class Until they don't understand why. They keep repeating mistakes And call everything as bad luck. You cannot finish a book Until you read to learn. © Bogdana Gageanu


EXPECTATIONS Do not have great expectations Your mind will be as foggy as London First, build your wall Then, use the power of dreams To jump over the wall Expectations make you be the wall. Bogdana Gageanu



I like eating olives They always remind me Of exotic places and of the Bible and of Christianity. Eating olives is like Eating a piece of Heaven And Lord is our Host. © Bogdana Gageanu

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