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In Heavenly Binsar

I am covered by the blue skies and surrounded by the blue mountains and the trees sway with the winds Flowers of immense beauty crop up everywhere with colorful butterflies fluttering around Isn't this heaven? And I recline on my bed gazing at the beauty out of my window birds chirp all around then the sound of silence gives peace to the ears I sip tea and hear romantic songs adding beauty to nature I have been transported to heaven and know what Heaven feels like I am in bliss The kindness in nature has made me forget all my delusions and I know this is the get-away place to be in when life puts you in a quandary I needed this because the badgering city life got on my nerves and now I am in the heaven of Binsar to get peace and be my poetic self and be happy with a smile to keep. © Radhika Tytler

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