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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

February 2021

Recently, on our Magazine's Facebook Group, we conducted a 2-week Prompt Challenge in the Humanitarian Theme, and asked our members who participated, to write a poem, where we would choose one out of the entries, to be included in ILA. Well, we were touched by not just one, but multiple, so we decided to publish four that were chosen. We hope the poems touch your heart as it did with ours, when you read the work of these gifted writers!



Skin of human nature Perished in altruistic hue And teenage crisis wraths. We thrive from mundane Cares of daily grind As the hapless man kisses Life's acrid flavors, What is there left to give? Need we SHARE the only Food for our subsistence? Worried lest I'd be Starving...I'd give. In a troubled breathing Coincidence...I'd give. © Sugar Zedna



Be a lotus in Filth and dirty water of life Else diamond in Dark and dirty coal mine. Be a mountain when The cyclone comes In all odds. Maintain your decorum Like the majestic rain. Clean all your surroundings In case of new relationship. Don't forget your old bonding It is better to stand Bare feet Than to borrow Else's boot. Like a banyan tree, Don't forget your root. © Soma Bhowmik



An abrupt explosion Earth took birth from the sun And gone through changes Millions and billions of times. Hymn of life started to enchant And authenticate the life to peep Through the sea in deep. Thus, arise the life day by day, Evolution occurs but now we have to pay The taxes that we have enjoyed a lot Without thought about nature Was busy to nurture our own self worthy thoughts That brought us in front of a question mark. If we will ever be able to leave remarks On the earth in spite of the destruction we have made Now just take a break and feel to refill the scars on earth And make it pure fresh life to rebirth. © Shampa Saha India



In pursuit of love and peace, let heaven And earth bond together, our brothers, Illuminate the grieving, displaced from The borders of no hope. Let love glow in every Living hearts, glands and veins, the universal Blood type, to claim unity of one brotherhood. Let the clouds that loom with tears, wash Evil minds, who destroy peace and harmony. No gun fire to use, to spread evil power and To silence innocent victims. let the lyrics of Healing and compassion drizzle in fine mist In every continent. We are one brother, of not borders, created From dirt and from dirt, we will all return. Though we have different cultures, race, color, But one belief, with The Almighty, that blessed And forgave us. let the river of Peace flow, In every heartbeat of humanity.

© Aida G. Rogue

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