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I‘ll Embrace My Madness

©️Mildred DJ Par

Call me lunatic or maybe a rebel.

I will admit, I'm not always normal.

We, as humans are given faculties,

Our own independence or choices.

So why not enjoy our uniqueness?

Why then should we yield to majority?

If you seem different or quite peculiar.

Why be coy when we feel quite special.

Only I can judge myself in particular.

Coz no one really knows my true color.

Being an outcast is my responsibility.

Coz I have to forge my own destiny.

To find my own place under the sun.

You see, I cannot just be complacent

I have a future to build and to foresee.

Even no one seems to understand.

I will continue to build my stance

They don't have a clue of my morrow

Coz they see madness, not any clue

My present just vouched, for future, so true.

I defy any judgment, my life is independent

People may call me erratic, stupid, idiotic

As long as I know myself as well grounded

Never I cower, or listen to their advocates

I'll embrace my madness, for future success.


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