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I may not be an attractive-lad, may be! But I have a beautiful heart. O Houri of Jannat-ul-Firdous!

Marry me today, Now is the session of marriages going on. For how long - O' Caffeine of my morns, for how long, O' Cocaine of my evens, Shall I've to hold in abeyance? Or, to dig my emotions deep Into the trenches of my heart? Sings the woeful ballads Of Shakespeare daily. Fervid in thermal waves and ruts, Like an ironsmith's smithy, Snoring in irrepressible flames. So does t'is charred poet of love Staunch hapless and poor to guard self Against the bale-suspiration of heart; Brazen like the cannon's mouth, In battlefields, Void of mercy and clemency, So does my heart; unfiltered Against the syndrome, Is mercilessly in love with you. Furls its flag very oft like the Rolling stone of Sisyphus. Come, my Darling! Come, Trot onto the lancet carpet of my heart softly, Like the tip-toe of a bride, in a new house, And save me today from t'is infernal-torture of my hell-heart; shrieking and moaning, Scudding and booming, e'er, As Alighieri's Inferno. Hey Lady! should a lad of charisma, The specimen of aesthetic theory on globe, Sing the ballads of charity and sulphur In the age, capable to touch The topless-towers of zeitgeist. Hey! should he be damned like t'is? Like an autumn's deigning dash The leaves into the dust By the winter solstice. No, Juliet, no! The labour would be intolerable, To shoulder, no not anymore, Any separation, any labour borne. O, the refrain of my Ghazal! O, the kernel of my Qasida! It would be a crime, on the part of deities To quarter the spirits of one insane-lover Into shreds and pieces 'S in love with her precocious-mistress From the calendars of hot days and cold nights, Likewise, an ingenious fabric woven by the Bard Circa '95, in an ancient city of Verona, Italy. © Firdous Bahar Firdous Bahar has done his English Literature from the University of Kashmir, Srinagar.

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