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Humanity doubtful about future still

hungry for peace and harmony.

We inhibit the world where there's no

dearth of reasons to worry.

Worry begets a cascade of other worries, any trigger just revives deeper concerns and other unresolved conflicts.

Chaotic strong wind dislodges the lifes'

carousel, the wind has a name anxiety,

that blows all strong and determined.

Spinning in a vortex of confusion and

disillusion, one feels directionless,

pondering over onces our existence.

Fear reluctant to come out of chest, mind just get consumed with death.

A culture of fear, suspicion, paranoid

prevails creating a whole generation of

disillusioned youth.

War is curse.

At high sea through the night dark after

erratic wandering of mind, next in search of equilibrium of well being.

My relentless thoughts agonize

Long for lasting peace and tranquility.

Before fleeting away from this world,

retiring to the eternal slumber den, hope harbinger of peace and serenity returns.

Gurjeet Kour Ghuman ©️®️

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