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Frozen Mind

(Experimental words expression)

Frozen world with frosty ice and snow unconsciousness, Could one survive without the mistletoe of literacy? Intellectual holiday season is nightly approaching everywhere, What a messy stranger in this coldest place of lost conception The fire is burning but deep inside the brainless mindset, The longing to be with the outside haven of dull-wittedness, Dear mind where are you in this moment of blindness, Send your huggable warmest spirit to clear clouded awareness Intertwine them with comfortable blanket of comprehension, Wish you could be at the same place at the same time, Please cater with a cupful of hottest powerful words, Till you come back to the reality of winter coldness recognition Where you're spending non cognitive apprehension, Awaken everyone from this freezing mind's state of perception, No, they're not dreaming from world's hinterland of mediocrity, Frosty senses and snowflakes skills familiarity are all around Tell them to shout at the top of their voiceless thoughts, Or just be lost on their way out of this icy jungle of unmindfulness.

© Ninfa Vasquez Mateo

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