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On November 25, 2021, we offered a Free Verse (no word of the week, no challenge or prompt). ILA had a total of 37 entries and out of the 37, we chose five BEST ENTRIES to be published here, on the Blog.



When the day is drawn in calculations You never know what numbers from Your life you play with. Choosing is always a part of a game;

Acceptance is not learning blind fate. When a smile is to be added and Happiness is to be multiplied Drawing the curtains is unlike Disliking the moonlight from entering. That which surpasses is not always the Ignorance. It is better to seek widely The colors of arrival. Like the moonlight is hiding but Making the night spherical like the moon;

Shapes and shadows are like The talk of the town. They claim the wordy metaphors For relief. The open heart is free When its chambers run In making new meanings to live.

Something is sacred under the sky Raining with the uproar of Beholding mantras shared with Humanly values. Eyes are painted in abstraction When the learners seek respite In their questions. © Sushant Thapa



I don't know if you've ever known such kind of feeling... since my birth, I have never really felt at home, as if I came from somewhere else, stranger in this world, my mind always toward the stars, I see details that most people do or don't want to see! I always withdraw from others to constantly observe and analyze what surrounds me. When the majority have fun in doing almost all the same things, in following the same road...something inside pushes me to do the opposite, to go against the flow of everything! I surf against the wind, being alone and facing myself, doing nothing, just thinking, seeing, feeling and living, makes me feel comfortable. This uncontrollable need to "alter the world" and this feeling of having a "mission" such as highly developed extra sensory capacities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, innate internal knowledge) and then this thirst to learn more and more, the desire to grow every second! Not to put up with injustice... Hypersensitive filled with empathy for all living beings in the world which is very hard to live in. I am sure that many of you here recognize themselves in this text, knowing that you are not alone, expressing yourself so that others too can hear your voice and in turn, seeing seeds which will germinate in the conscience. Do you still think you are alone in your corner?

© Imen Melliti


JOY OF BEING SOMEONE Who says she's too far away? Listen to the heartbeat Her happiness can be felt A voice that comes The songs you listen to Its lyrics bring messages The music that touches your soul Makes sense of her presence. The sky changes color A raindrop kisses your cheek A rainbow appears in your heart It's a pleasure to have someone For the one you like Words are like keys Soft as wax to enter the heart And heartbreaking arrows, too. © Farhan Anjum


While wandering through these narrow nooks and streets, I see men of voyages, maybe abandoned by fate, but having hope for life and looking for purpose; As if these apartments talk, and their glamour never ends: Some call it void, I call it underground: Where everyone wants to survive. © Hanan Muzafar


Let poetry be your camera Capturing each moment As lenses focus on life's risks With every random click, Emotions and thoughts are developed As the aperture welcomes light, We control life's colors coming into us As the shutter controls time duration of images, We find serenity with our ricocheted bygones As the image sensor decides the picture-quality, it is still us deciding the resolution Of our lives as zeroed in on clarity. © Sugar Zedna

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