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Luxury of colors ..

Feelings ..

Shine of light

between the petals of tenderness

from the flower created

to heal the soul ..

Tenderness that is the theme

of thousands of stories.

Touch songs

of an unforgettable feeling ..

Colors in abundance

Countless shades

in which they hide

dreams with a crown

from sunlight ..


with the transparency of a love tear ..

A song of the soul

In the morning of love ...


from colorful feelings ..


in the order of the letters

from sleepy longing

of sighs that travel

through the purple freshness of the day.


in the shape of a bow

hid under his arm

on the seductive thread

colored with the color of eternity ..

At the beginning of the sighs

in the ecstasy of life force

what gushes,

like the clarity of the source

beside which fairies

they walk barefoot and cross the

the border of illusion ..


Towards the end of passion

in the day


to his bed

from the softness of heaven.

With an easy step

in which hope sings

of tomorrow and light

which springs from the east

as a promise to the future ..

© Gordana Andonovska


Image courtesy of Annette Nasser

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