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Feelings About Life

To be capable of initiative or boldness In the dusty path of a dreamy achievement, In the breathless chase of pleasure, In the heyday of friendship, In the mild and mellow maturity of age,

With holding indolently handsome fancies, To grasp intense love of excitement and adventure, chasing intimations of unpenetrated mysteries, Into my eyes when an unhostile change chants me, Into the blue sea with orange hues of Heaven and silence welcome me When a gale of teasing merriment awakens me from my fancies and mysteries,

Imprisoned within an enchanted circle of life With a tone of musing surprises adjusts me I lost after immured in a trivial round of my duties, A flash of revelation of new dimensions, Of my inspirations and institutions start to blink A tumult of self-approval and towering exultation, Excites me in lingering potion of my fate,

I thank the good days are the bestowment

Of God as a perfect gift of blessed life. © Sajid Hussain

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