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During the entire month of July, we offered a Visual Prompt Challenge with one Best Entry to be picked and published on our Blog, however, there were six poets that absolutely touched our hearts, with their beautiful poetry, well deserving to be featured.


Like an ocean, my pen flows endlessly, aiming to scribble the memoir of love and pain. © Imtiyaz Pandow


The letters I write to you my love, are written and erased in mind. No words, no ink, no fingers to hold the quill. I write my words, like in water, erased as soon as I write. The words engraved in the softness of my heart, unseen to the world's eye, each word live as the heart pumps blood and drains it to reach each nerve of my body, takes along the words I write for you. © Indu Kilam


You buried my ink, but the pen resurfaced on the brink, I had to maintain my sangfroid and writing dunk, I wanted to be frank, . . .and exude writings sweeter than the scent of frankincense. I got out of the murky waters and decided just to do it, like Nike exuding pink excellence in an emotional sink, expressions that could overfill a tank. You can maim my voice, but you can't tame my ink expressions. You can inculcate tensions and negate lesions, but I will be your silent lesson! © Kenneth Kibet Cheruiyot


FALLING INTO THE ABYSS Drowned in the ocean of abyss, yet, the indomitable spirit fights, I pen down my reflections on the ripples, they travel to people and places, connecting dots, building bridges, some relate, some are inspired, some come to rescue me from the pit, real efforts entwine, pulling me out. How the world can change with a small step, a lesson well-learnt with a heart full of gratitude. In return, I write my stories for myself and all, to build a rapport, to find a companion, to experience that magical touch of compassion, to confer upon all, whatever I feel and experience, a shoulder each to everyone whenever in need. © Amrita Mallik


POETRY'S TOUCH AT DAWN I write in shadows while you frown as rowdy music stabs my emotion. Now that the sun has come down, then I wholly lost my deliberation. Even the gentle spears of the moon strange voices had upset my mind tapered the fun that's coming soon entirely placed my fingers in a bind. I am now filled with empty thought the coldness that had gripped me. Overlooking everything that I wrote like the darkness of the deep sea. That magic touch I need to reclaim bring back the music and the smile. Let time, space, and love proclaim only then can I write again in a mile. © Elmer Romulo Valdez


WRITINGS OF THE HEART I feel the intense passion, the strength that comes from my pen. I feel the impassioned emotions, the flames of my spirit and soul. I am the quill sharper than blades, borderless and without darker shades. I am the tongue, the weapon, unafraid, who whisper and awaken the dead. My soul is my endless pen. My ink will blot until the end. My writings will be seen, in the hearts of my fellow men. © Russel Edles

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