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Featured Poet: Sai Prakash

Recently, Sai Prakash's poems was chosen as "Best Entry" during the month of April. His first poem was chosen from the April 2nd themed prompt, titled: "Gazing at Moon From Balcony". His second poem was chosen from the April 4th themed prompt, titled: "Feeding the Homeless."


"Gazing At Moon From Balcony"

As I stand in the balcony, my soul and heart feels the shower of honey dew, straight from the silvery moon Whispering sweet nothings, that I only can decipher Even the cool breeze from south, encompassing my mane shining bright, carry the fragrances of the Night Queen

Those valleys and mountains, smile at me and enquire, why I am late into my sleep As I walk along, the splendor of her warmth, moves along my path, sprinkling soothing rays of grandeur A rhyme that I learnt by heart, in my kindergarten days, I sing and rejoice Oh! as I look at the moon shining up there, many lessons I learnt of winning and waning occupies my mind

Those lullabies I cherished, visiting my psyche, wave after wave I swim in a sea of tranquility, an eternal sojourn sojourn, my tryst with destiny, I proudly proclaim. © Sai Prakash


"Feeding the Homeless" Not even a cardboard to shield from the forces five, their very existence in question Why should we remain silent, as mute spectators, lend a hand to share the God's benevolence, that we already enjoy in abundance

Share an extra pie or pudding, a biscuit or a bun A cup of coffee or a glass of tea will suffice, making them survive just for one more night Feel the opportunity, to live in paradise here on earth, without leaving your last breath You will be blessed twice, by human and might Each of your deeds well chronicled, you transfer your blessings on to your generations next Feed the homeless my dear, feed them with love and care Your act of kindness will shower smiles on their face. © Sai Prakash

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