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Child Labor Practice - Part 1:

[She Learns]

© Written by Layeba Humanity

At an early age, with a lot of child activities, Full of dreams, lack of convenience, She comes with her Grandma for learning something. Do you think she learns lessons of a book? No, actually she learns how to mop, how crafty she will sweep a house. Actually, she learns how to survive for food. She wants an education, she wants to play. She also tries to use her brain. But unfortunately, she is treated like a granddaughter of a super maid. Can she be allowed to have views? Ohh, she looks more fade. It doesn't mean that she doesn't get food, or that someone beats her. But yes, it will not be a big deal, if she falls in wrong hands, she will be beaten with inhuman qualities, she will be bound to be a slave of that person. Actually, she learns how to keep silence, too. If she knows that child labor is a crime, she must know first what the crime is. Because she is too little to know, she can only learn what runs here. Will she have to do what her ancestors do? Will she use a broom instead of a pencil? Will she go to work instead of school? It would be strange to say that, but yes, it will happen, because people will quench her stomach's hunger for their charity, but won't help for her hunger of success. She learns "have to do', not 'should be'.

Layeba Humanity is a natural bilingual English/Hindi Poetess and Motivator from North India. She holds a M.Sc. in Zoology. She is an honorable member of World Nations Writers Union and has been published in many magazines, anthologies and social sites. She has been honored with certifications at worldwide literature forums as well as groups and has appeared as guest poet at radio stations and online literary events. She writes truth and raises social and motivational points in her writings. She is a freelancer and also works as an Advisor and Counsellor. She is a translator of the Spiritual Science books written by writer, Vipin Gupta. Her own debut book "Resonating Humanity" will be published next month. She believes in humanism with her positive attitude.

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