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Cease the War and Build Bridges

Throughout the earth has become a battlefield

Endeavouring and battling to obtain own right

But not fetching peace and freedom for each human

Executing deliberately racism , but not optimism

Successive war doesn't emit an optimal solution.

Soldiers are non-stop dying due to their patriotism

Blood unexpectedly flowing like over flooding

Hearing massive sound of firing brutal weapons

Everyone's heart , and even whole body quivering

Feathered friends are joggling over the vast sky.

Every human has unprejudiced right and opportunity

Freedom and liberation, are bridge to overwhelm in life

To pluck twinkling star with full hardship and devotion

Terminate firing and shooting your brutal guns and missiles

A hand for a hand makes the world brawny and bright.

Cease the war and build bridges of peace and liberty

Letting everyone achieve and fulfill their own aspiration.

Appease victims and curtail everyone's anxiety and plights

Being antagonistic towards each other doesn't toil,

Cease the war completely and let everyone dwell pacifically.

© Mohammed Hamim ( J. Kyaw Than Naing )

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