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An "Untitled" Poem that does not need a title as it is perfect just as it is, with tidbits of nostalgia, poetry, reflection, love and elements of nature...


You just walked past the tavern of my thoughts, Holding your hand, I usher you To my poetic château, Strewn with blushing roses, Alit with sweet-smelling candles, Infused with lavender oil. Whereby the dark blue sky hangs low, And the breathings of the moon Makes a sweeping gesture, My lips decidedly closed, Dabbed with tangy splashes of mysticism, Long lashes fringing my poetic eyes, No poetry pearls unfolding in a sauntering recital, Except for the silent beating of my heart, Making a rhythmic tempo, Creating visuals in your mind. Sometimes no words are needed to decipher the poem, One look, one glance, one feel, The vibe of the spectacular evening, The opening of the grand curtains, The look of heightened expectancy, The stirring of passion That flutters past you, As words fluffed with lace Lay primmed in the poetry-cove.

Silence, enriched with sprawling magical ink of the night, Decoded by the golden grandeur of ethereal sight, velvety touch And tinkling sound, Which embraces the unseen words like a passionate sailor in love with the tumultuous sea. Beautiful lavish drapes of poetry-folds, Embedded and layered in your heart, As you walk away majestically When the moon wanes, Disappearing into the gulleys of dawn-break, To the comfort of your resting place, Intoxicated by poetry, Invigorated by the scent of early morning honeysuckle, Lulling to deep slumber, Whereby intonations and stanzas lilt together, Creating butterfly kisses On your lips, As they savor the dusky, Entranced poetic encounter. © Sakina S. Dossaji

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