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Sitting alone on one barren tree top Sermoning Hari Hari Ram Ram A selfish crane, hearing its rendition running away far toward oblivion Friends and relatives! But I Why could I become dumbstruck in that voice? Yes, alone I closed by Till touching end point of that voice in both of my hands melting down in that intoxicating air. Water filled up to neck in a broken pitcher Level going down slowly seeping into parched land water dropping onto the soil Yes, me, that soil. Let that water be sour or sweet Mingled with poison or nectar Every deception taken into its stride Every taste, lands have enjoyed. Fully aware Belief gets poisoned at times, However to keep an eye over that poison left also no time with a house under banyan tree bound by dripping water from hits hanging roots! Yet After abscission of all leaves from the tree Someone touches my back, softly facilitates accumulation of palm full of hope May those be real or virtual. © Odia poem by Narayan Sahu English Translation by Ashutosh Meher

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