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BE FOOLISHLY WITH ME By Qasim Kashmiri (Poet, Novelist)

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Be foolishly with me

Once you know me,


Gather the blood shrouds

Take me home,

And depart

Adorn my ugly face

With eighty veils,

And depart

Come merge again

Live again, love again,

And depart

Tear apart my nails

For I have peeled my secrets,

And depart

Give one more face

With a new attire,

And depart

Like a poison destroy my existence

Then heal my being,

And depart

Go deeper yet exiled

Burn our tales,

And depart

Be here, all alone

When I am died,

And depart

Come after you come

Be still after you go

And depart.

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