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August 9th, 2022: MICROPOETRY

The following micro poems were chosen as "BEST ENTRIES" from our "Anything Friday" offering, held on June 3, 2022.


These toes long to feel the sand between them; a Pacific Beach upon a Mission forward. My new, go-to, come home reality. Where everything wanted rolls in with the flicking waves rolling and breaking upon the masterpiece of that which I am. The transition of space within the conclave of this mind is a hearty mantlepiece of self-worthiness glittered with the golden touch of devotion now laid upon her alter. © Brad Sanford


SLEEPLESS NIGHTS The sun turns reddish, them plump down Behind a veil, beyond my vantage point Slowly gloom alights, houses light up Biological clock starts seeding melatonin A soul then thrives on sleepless nights Working hard as if she's about to seek A whole new continent - of poetry. © Irfan Khan Iffi



Watch me fall apart again After being strong for so long Having an emotional overload To the tune of an old song Like a cup that's overflowing The tears, they fall like rain I'm breaking apart at the seams From this outpouring of emotional pain. © Donna McCabe


CHOICE It all became a choice when I decided to believe in you It became a choice when I decided to give you my heart It became a choice when I decided to give you my love It became a choice when I decided to wait for you It became a choice when I decided to hold on to you But you know what wasn't a choice When you decided to leave without saying goodbye When you allowed the cold hands of death to snatch you away When I think that you didn't fight enough to live When you went to the other world Whether it's a choice or not, I will always have you in my heart, forever.

© Queen Enuah


HAIKU broken weathered cliffs under a brilliant blue sky hugging the bent grass © Shahid Abbas

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