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As Soon As You Left

As soon as you left…

It felt like as if someone stumped me.

As if the skies fell down immediately

And I’m standing bareheaded underneath hot sun

Highly shocked, deeply grieved…so lonely

As soon as you left…

I forgot to walk

As if directions are lost

My empty hand needs your finger back

So that I can gain what I lack.

As soon as you left…

My heart is missing its beats

As if I’m trying to chase unbreathing breaths

Sitting idle like caged bird

Surrounded by thousands of empty walls.

As soon as you left…

The bark of the Hawthorn has begun to grow inside.

There are only thorns on every side.

There is no shadow, no feeling of compassion,

Just thirst is, thirst all around…

Excessive thirst.

It was you

who introduced me to love,

Like the moon pours its whitened rays in dark

Since you left, so tell me

Who will cascade melody with flowing dreams

Who will heal my wounds,

Who will sing the song of Hearts

Dear father,

Come back to me

I am incomplete without thee

Like a candle without flame

Like a body without a soul…!!

Fatima Z. Sarah

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