As Riddles Unravel

Written by Scott Thomas Outlar

I take a walk up to the local park every day about a mile from where I live. And on the way this morning I was thinking about just what in the world I would like to write a new essay about. Should I talk about recent projects and collaborations I've been working on? Or the state of the world where geo politics and local affairs are concerned dealing with the encroaching tyrannical forces that grow more authoritarian and inverted in relation to common sense and decency by the hour? Or some of the personal revelations I've been having the past month as different memories from various stages of my life continue resurfacing throughout the day, especially during meditation sessions? Or, perhaps, about ideas I've been mulling over from the books I've been reading when I wake up, and those I dip into in a round robin sort of way before going to bed?

All these seem like swell enough thoughts to dwell upon and flesh out further, and I might do just that before this effort draws to a close. But the main theme still hadn't flashed through my synapses as I continued walking and listening to a podcast interview with David Wolfe that I'd downloaded before leaving the house. So I sent such considerations back to my subconscious and let them swirl around in that realm for a while, trusting the process and knowing that, sooner or later, the right flashpoint of energy would arise and deliver my answer at the most opportune moment. After trekking around the park a few times, I returned home and sent about the next part of my morning routine, which involves enjoying a bounty of fresh fruits for breakfast. I like to start the meal off lately by standing outside barefoot, moseying around in the grass, absorbing the rising sun's solar energy, and entering into a deep state of thankfulness and gratitude for how beautiful life and the wonders of nature truly are.

That's when the epiphany for this piece popped into my head with a rushing cascade of intense, fervent emotion. Because my first bite of the morning happened to also be the first Rainier cherry I'd tasted so far this season. And, my Lord, what a way to kick off the celebration as the flavor danced across my tongu