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Angel of Earth

Written by ALLAHOBHAYO DAL I went to the deep sea for the sake of finding a pearl, I found diamonds, but not as sparkling as her. I dug out the deep soil, I found a radiant gold, but I realized it's not up to her criterion. I ran to the garden, I found many colorful bouquets full of hypnotizing fragrance, but not as gorgeous as her. I went to the topmost mount cliffs, I felt a breezy wind, but not as calm as her scarfs gust. I took off to the jungle, I found a beautiful peacock, its dancing was intricate, but cannot twirl like her waist. I left for heaven, I saw many goddesses, but not as desirable. I went to the coast, I found glossy sand slivers, but not like her winking sights. Finally, I departed to the dormitory, shutting down my eyes, and I found the sweet dream in which I see the angel of death.

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