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Written by HUM ALE

In my longing to see the river Seine By the train in Zurich Train Station The landscape of longing Caressed me as the train moved, A lot of excitements oozed

I didn't change my mind When I interchanged in Basel It's almost sunset When I first whiffed the fragrance of Paris

I embraced it With the heart of joy The amazing boulevards beckoned With the scent of Summer The heart shrieked with ripples Even when a vigor of love I garnered The evening was anguishing

I might be a little late to meet the river Seine

It bade farewell without any single word I waved my hand Perched in Pont Des Arts Bridge I gazed it until I closed my eyes Blithe Eiffel, I felt When it didn't beckon Over my brief smile of Missing the River Seine It was standing in pride Felt like snuggling with someone for years I went to Sacre Coeur Basillica The youngsters frolicked in style Under the starry midnight When it transfixed distant in Paris City The Mt. Titlis began to flicker in my mind. © 10/2021

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