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Featuring Five Poems By Bipin Tiwari



Trinity atmosphere and vibes that flow through my heart is a taste of Demajong Because I am an origin of Demajong. First flush is that I am obliged to this file or a pile of soil water, air, sky and fire Second lush is that my firmament of relation with relatives residing in this lusty valley. I chant with the attachment of heart "Demajong Demajong Demajong" The land and valley of my life I am attached to it with topmost priority Demajong in my heart. Demajong in my soul. Note: Demajong is a Bhutia word which means a valley of rice.

© Bipin Tiwari

बिपिन तिवारी


"TANTRUM OF MY LIFE" I am silent My life is a goosebump I can hear the scream outside I can see the scenario outside I am dancing like a foam phantom of an electric bulb pilik jhipik pilik jhipik Is anyone there?

yes, I am here


the countdown begins

with me

I am alert

I am alert

to face

the chiasmic logos

of my serving day

parting day.

I am silent. © Bipin Tiwari

बिपिन तिवारी


"A Transcreate Gazal"

English Translator: Bipin Tiwari You told me that I am a flower but I am alive as a boulder After the end I was alive as an origin You surpass me that's why you betray me On the banks of heart I am alive as a stone I was parking outside the time that's why I am alive till date. © Bipin Tiwari

Chief Gazalkar :- गणेश भट्ट (अणु) Nepal Translation Mode: नेपाली via English

Translator:- बिपिन तिवारी (Bipin Tiwari)



Selfie clickers are welcome to my wrinkles Because I am the face of Sikkimese. You can find lepchas

Bhutias and Nepalese in me. My soul stands firm as the Mount Kanchenjunga stands below the horizon. My heart blooms

Rhodie and Orchid in the art of greenish springing vegetation. When the capital wakes up with the crowd of employees, herds of tourists, the statue of Gandhi is there to bear the heat of gossiping amongst the benchers of visitors at the Mg Marg. Temi tea is the tea that you drink the taste of sweat that flows through my wrinkling face. Juicy oranges of village loom are the tears that give me a maturity tag of wrinkles Pandemonium smell of cardamom ginger, turmeric, are also the faded color and tastes of wrinkles so kindly have it fill it

and till it. Organic is my sikkim and my wrinkles is organic too that's why I behave I bear Sikkimese wrinkles. So please you label the portrait of my wrinkles as Sikkimese wrinkles. © Bipin Tiwari

बिपिन तिवारी



Seeking a mode of seemingly thoughts, from my side sharing and bonding of chemical mechanisms amongst us. Whether you deploy an agreement or you deny my ideas. Whether I cry or you smile It's just a part and parcel of eating and chewing the liquor of blowing wind.

© Bipin Tiwari

बिपिन तिवारी

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