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© Written by Imtiyaz Pandow

Here I bring you

A tale of my burning home from this dreary paradise

where peace is no where in the whirling shades

of this incompatibility. Being its dwellers means to fall prey to its expected uncertainties

either become

the victims

or firsthand witnesses

of these uncertainties. We are left

in a despair

only to scribble

the epitaphs

over the gravestones

and sing

the elegies

to mourn

in a grief of those falling flowers, Who

in their tender age are being forced

to leave for the heavenly abode


blood soaked bodies

are tomorrow's witnesses

of today's brutalities.

Imtiyaz Pandow is from Budgam, Kashmir and is a postgraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication. He is a Web Content Editor on ILA Magazine. He has worked with several local and national media organizations. He is interested in poetry and fiction and his poetry has

been featured by several outlets. The author can be contacted at:

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