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A Song


A song is not a letter on paper. A song are the thoughts that come out. A song is a picture that is written.

A song is long after the rain. A song is a reflection of feeling. A song is a wish and hope. A song is a dream that is dreaming.

A song is the feeling of our state. A song is the air that breathes. A song is a branch that swings. A song is a moving country. A song is the source of our happiness. A song is a stream that flows. A song always tells us something. A song is a tree, a song is a sea. A song is a flat and even worse, a song is all around us. A song is a message, a song is a voice, a song is our great joy. A song is a child, a song is youth. A song is sadness, great sadness. A song is our greatest friend. The poet's poem was picked as Best Entry from a Challenge, held on November 4th, 2021. Every line began with the same word or short phrase.

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