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A Darling Cup of Tea

By Tapas Dey

A span of two decades Wakes up again in one moonlit evening. My sight is inside the dearest room. The touch of the warm chair, The touch of the decked table, Are still in youthful appearance. The sweet innocent face in love, Well unscripted on the fluorescent walls Still heard the parlance echoed. A darling cup of tea, Prepared with the essence of your love, A bewitching smell of tea spreading at will And a tender flavor is on the taste. In your two palms, The tea cup is in your bear hug, Close to your juicy lips Giving an amorous sip. You ask me, "Please have one sip, And draw a bud of rose On my adorned white canvas." I say, "Here is one fresh bloomed rose, Just drawn by me for you." © Tapas Dey India

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