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On February 22, 2023, ILA Magazine Facebook Group offered a Tautogram Challenge to poets. We gave them the option to write a poem, quote, phrase, passage or Monostich. We chose six "BEST ENTRIES" out of thirteen entries.



Wrapped wait With wet warmth Witnessing wishes While wearing willingness Wrinkled, wimped Wants wharf Where water waves Weave wounds with wrath Whilst watching wildly Wonderous whereabouts Walking waggled With winter wind Writes wishlist with wrenched words Wandering without weather window Withdrawn within When worshipping wonderfully

Wracking walls within Wangled whole world Whatever wants Would worth? © Fatima Z. Sarah India


Poetry passion presentation prowess portrayed positive poses pauses pondered permeating profusion passion plunged poetry perfection permanent picture paraded precious past poetry paradox perplexes poets. © Rosemarie Miranda Philippines



"Angels are assuaging ache and angst, advising all about altruism."

© Gheorghe Laura Romania



An attempt after an altercation Alarms and agonizes Alluding all absolute answers Alternately assertive and adept Apathy agitates any adverse answer After all amiable abeyance Absolute admiration attests Affirms and aptly assuages All adversities affected An ambience arising above all Ardor, acceptance and accord Animosity appeased, applauded Adulating affection assured Antagonism abandoned and above all Amicable approvals appreciated. © Gus Peres Amio Philippines


"ALTRUISTIC ACTIONS" Anything agreed And addressed aesthetically Arrives at accurate and Amazing achievements. Artificially accentuated Actions alter Artistic activities And arrive at Antagonistic and Angular aphorisms. Atavistic actions Assuage anger Accelerate altruistic and Agreed assurances. © Kalucharan Sahu India


Bibliophile Being bookish Bought books But basic books Being bachelor Baffled Bargained Booked best books Belonging beautiful books Became benign, bold benevolent Befriended bilingual books Blessed by best books Became best biographer!! © Subhashchandra Adhav India

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Thank you for posting my Monostich!

Congrats all!

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